• Ford EGR Eliminator

    Ford EGR Eliminator

Ford EGR Eliminator

EGR Eliminator / Simulator is designed to turn the check engine light off due to EGR codes. Designed to send a signal to the vehicles computer notifying of a closed position, the check engine light is turned off. After installation and a reset of the computer , the check engine light should be off and any rough running issues caused by a missing EGR should be eliminated. The EGR Eliminator will register a memory code in the computer for a closed position, however it will not trigger the check engine light or effect drive ability at all.

Applications and Years

  • Ford Mustang 1996-1993
  • Ford F150 1986-1995
  • Ford F250 1986-1995
  • Ford Bronco 1986-1995
  • Ford Mustang 1994-1995*

*Note on 1994 and 1995 mustangs the EGR Eliminator should work on Mustangs that uses the Light Gray EGR valve position sensor, 1994 and 1995 mustangs equiped with the Dark gray sensor normally do not respond well to ANY eliminators on the market at this point.


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